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Last updatedApril 20, 2021
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Now, because legal online gambling has expanded so much, people may wonder about the Florida Lottery. Many states have lotteries but each one could have its own games and its own laws regarding an online lottery presence. So, we are going to look into the many facets of the Lottery in the state of Florida.

Florida Online Lottery 

Unfortunately, at this time, the state of Florida does not have a Florida Online Lottery nor FL online casinos. But, Florida does have an already established and very popular retail lottery marketplace for those of legal age. As the marketplace nationwide changes, however, it is quite possible that the state of Florida will look into an iGaming option.

Florida Lottery Games 

The Florida Lottery has multiple games that residents of legal age are able to try out at retail locations. But, not all lottery games have the same rules or the same jackpots for bettors to win. So, here is a quick look at some of the lottery games that you can participate in in the state of Florida.

Florida Lottery Fantasy 5 

One of the most popular lottery games, Florida Lottery Fantasy 5 gives players a chance to win up to $200,000. If no top-prize is won in the game, the big price rolls down to the 4 out of 5 and 3 out of 5 prize levels. A match of just two numbers can win players a free ticket. And, tickets only cost $1 per play.

Florida Lotto 

The Florida Lotto is known as the original jackpot game for the state of Florida. The Florida Lotto game only costs $2 at participating lottery retailers in the state. The largest jackpot for this game is $1 million, and the prizes will roll down until a winner is found. The lotto drawings are held two times every week. Every ticket that is purchased will receive a randomly generated ‘multiplier’ number. This multiplier number will automatically increase any non-jackpot cash prize by two, three, four, five, or ten.


The Powerball Lottery game is one of the most popular lottery games in the country. The Powerball Lottery is operated in almost every state in the United States. The jackpot increases until a winner is found and drawings are held twice a week. Some of the largest Powerball Jackpots have been in the hundreds of millions of dollars. It only costs $2 per play to play the Powerball Lottery.

Mega Millions 

The Mega Millions Lottery game is another jackpot lottery game that is very similar to Powerball. Mega Millions is also a nationwide game that people in almost every state in the United States can play. The jackpots get into the high hundred millions and have even crossed into the one billion territory before. It is also $2 to purchase a ticket to play the Mega Millions Lottery and drawings are held twice a week.


Cash4life is another lottery game that is played across multiple states in the United States. Cash4life also costs $2 per play and gets you a chance to win two lifetime prizes. In order to win, you need to match all five white balls as well as the Cash Ball, which will get you $1,000 a day for the rest of your life, the top prize. If you only match the five white balls, you can win $1,000 a week for the rest of your life!

Other Lottery Games 

There are other lottery games that you can play when you make a purchase through an authorized retail location in Florida. The other Florida Lottery games include Jackpot Triple Play, Pick 5, Pick 4, Pick 3, Pick 2, as well as Scratch Off tickets. So, there are multiple ways for you to become a Florida Lottery winner.

Florida Lottery App 

Many states are launching apps for their state lotteries, so it makes sense that there is already a Florida Lottery app. The Lottery app is available for iOS/iPhone customers as well as Android users. Here are the features you can enjoy when you use the app for the lottery in Florida:

  • You can check your lottery ticket to see if your numbers have won you a prize
  • You can enter your numbers/ticket into a second chance promotion by scanning the barcode.
  • You can save your favorite Florida Lottery numbers on a digital playslip that you can then use to purchase tickets at authorized lottery retailers in the state.

If the state of Florida does decide to add an iGaming or Florida Online Lottery option, it may also have an app component. So, keep checking to see if the online lottery will be coming and any expansions that may happen with the app as a result. 

Florida Lottery Winning Numbers 

Now, if you are lucky enough to have the Florida Lottery winning numbers, you will want to know how to get your winnings asap. So, here is some help on how to claim your winnings when you find yourself in that happy position. Lottery winners in Florida can claim their winnings by appointment, dropbox, or by mail. However, proper documentation is required to claim your lottery winnings.

Any player who has a prize of $600 or larger is able to claim their winnings by mailing the nearest district office for the Lottery in the state. Any player that has a prize of $250,000 or more can mail the Florida Lottery Headquarters. If you are going to claim your prize through the mail, you need to mail the winning ticket along with a filled-out Winner Claim Form and any required documentation. However, claiming your winnings this way can take approximately thirty to forty-five days for processing.

Scratch Off or Fast Play tickets need to be validated by the lottery retailer. Include the validated tickets and the required forms and documentation if you are going to claim your winnings by mail. If the winnings are not properly claimed, you risk forfeiting any prize that you have won!

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